The history of the village


The antique Sicilian manor house, an expression of the first eclecticism-liberty style in Messina, is situated in the heart of the Peloritani Mountains, but at the same time it has an extraordinary panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aeolian Islands. The origin of the elegant, refined feudal agricultural estate dates from the middle of the 16th century when it was built by the baron family Musolino, who made it their abode and strategic stronghold. Various alterations and additions were made over the centuries, but during the earthquake in 1908, the manor house was severely damaged and was subsequently abandoned by the family.

Around 1913 the estate was sold to engineer Carmelo Salvato. During the successive two years the manor house as it stands today was completed with the best technological standards of the time. In 1962 the estate was sold to the Rodriquez family, who in a short time transformed it into a nursery farm dedicated to camellia production.

Today, after impressive restructure, the Manor House estate is reborn as a Country House with a unique, commendable Eco-Park dedicated to wellbeing both physical and spiritual, with particular attention to healthy nourishment, thanks to the new bio agricultural company.

Mineral water sources and biodiversity

Water is the natural element and origin of the world ? – testo incompleto o errato

There are natural spas of mineral water inside the Park from which many small canals are born to flow through the vegetation.

The Park is a splendid example of rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. The sustainable use of natural resources is a constant priority for us to provide benefit and heritage for future generations.

An exceptional naturalistic value that is our aim to share and promote as a community interest

The restaurant


The Borgo Musolino Restaurant is situated in the splendid historical Country House, surrounded by the lush natural beauty of the Mediterranean scrub. The original antique majolica of the Mansion together with the large windows give the restaurant the atmosphere of other times.

During the summer season, our tables are set up outside on the terrace with its splendid panorama; the breathtaking view of the enchanting Aeolian Islands will enchant your guests.

The restaurant proposes gourmet cookery based on the rediscovery of the antique and authentic flavours of typical recipes of the Sicilian tradition, so offering the opportunity to select the flavours of the Mediterranean Sea and Sicilian farmland products.

Our philosophy is dictated by the importance of the ethical use of healthy raw materials at zero kilometers.

Our principal objective is to valorize healthy and natural cookery, based on seasonal products in order to guarantee the authentic conscious values.

Good food at zero km

tradition, extraordinary raw materials and the inspiration of our chefs

Activities of the village

a stay full of nature, fun and good food

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